I am a studio potter based in Paeroa, New Zealand and specialise mainly in wheel thrown work. I also enjoy wood firing and vapour glazing.
My Gallery page has links to my picture galleries and information about why I make these kinds of pots.
The Information page has my contact details, my gallery contacts and lots more.
I'm keen to take on workshops and other teaching assignments and I have more information about what kinds of classes I run under my Teaching page.
My Glaze pages contain a basic glaze course and information useful for exploring the world of glazing.
Another of my interests is kiln designs and I have built a number of wood fired, gas and diesel fired kilns, see these on the Kilns page along with other radical kiln ideas.
Under Information I have a few stories about my travels (mostly ceramic focused) including my recent ICF escapade, see the Travel page.


This Month


I'm on the move, but not to very far away, infact about 8km down the road to Mackaytown. I fired my kiln for the last time on the 26th April, then it was demolished carefully and moved, along with all my studio and house belongings, down the road. I'll keep my website and facebook up to date with how the new studio is progressing. For images of the demo job, including photos of the perpetrators go to my KILN page

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